Friday, October 5, 2012

Bengkung Tradisional - Open Order

hye semua..

ade sape2 lagi berminat nk join beli bengkung x?
ade lg 2 order yg available..
for payment jgn risau..
last payment can be make end of this months..
sbb brg akan di pos early november..

So sape2 yg berminat tp ada constraint in financial bleh reconsider ye..
sbb korg boleh bayar after gaji this month..
for those yg da bank in thank you very much..
please be patient..
your bengkung will reach you early november!

utk sape2 yg baru berminat (betul ke ayat tu?) bleh refer entry bengkung tradisional
size up to worries..^_^

TQ u alls!~

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